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From: The Desk Of YOUR NAME 


Dear Aspiring Author,

OK, so you are among the many, many people who through experience, your job or business, or your passions and hobbies, have "extra" information that others would love to have too.

Information that is valuable since it solves a problem, fills a need, or saves time or money. You have an idea, or maybe even an unfinished or unpublished book.

And, again like so many people, you look in the mirror and wonder: "Why haven't I cashed in on this yet?" You are not alone. The excuses in our paths include: fear of rejection and deception, the unknowns of publishing or marketing on the web, ridicule, home-life, budget, and on and on.

Or maybe the old favorite excuse: "I'm Afraid of Sharing My Idea and Someone Stealing It and Making a Fortune".

If you haven't discovered this life lesson yet, usually one of three "general" results are ahead of you and the many others like you:

Disappointment and anger (when someone else takes action with your idea), or a slow destruction of your self-confidence (as you "self-limit" and never seem to take action),

OR... what if you could be one of the minority who seize the times we are in and take action (and reap the rewards...)?

Now, if you could just answer some questions without being ridiculed or shot down, and could trust the answer source as well.

So, how would your actions change if you were given the complete framework of eBook Writing and Marketing?.

Wouldn't you more likely take action if you knew what lay ahead?, the pitfalls, the rewards, the basics of "web marketing"?

"Of course", you would.

Now, what if a successful, published author of dozens upon dozens of ebooks offered to share a copy of his Manifesto with you? And, all you have to do is drive to his home and get it? Maybe a quarter tank of gas round trip. Would you go get it? (you probably already left by now, right?)

Well you do not have to drive to get it, but...

YOU Have a Chance to Own The Manifesto From That
Successful Published Author
And Learn The eBook Marketing Secrets That Brought Success

You will have the same, simple framework used over and over again to assure a successful ebook launch - A Manifesto...

man-i-fes-to: a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group (from learnersdictionary.com - for you? a framework to learn by).


The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint No more wading through hundreds of forum posts, or buying book after book seeking random success with a random approach. You will know the truth about what works and what is needed.

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint No more self-doubt from unknowns or guesswork about formats, marketing, pricing, or outlets for your new book. You will know what works and can focus on that.

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint You already likely have the drive and ability to create a book (if not, we'll show you how to cover that base too). Never again will you doubt that you can publish and market as well. You now have a plan.

Then, the same tools and skills that will allow you and drive you to write or create, can be harnessed and put into action to get you Profit-Pulling Results from your idea or information - if you have a framework or a plan.

Shouldn't you start with a plan that has been proven time and again, like shown right here in this book?

Create Your Own
Profit-Pulling Powerhouses With

The eBook Marketing Manifesto

The eBook Marketing Manifesto

Learn: How To Create And Market
Profit-Pulling Powerhouse eBooks!!

What Makes This Guide Worth Your Time?

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Understand the Driving Forces Behind the Phenomenal Growth of the eBook Industry, and How You Can Benefit From Them. You will know the industry. (chapters 1, 2, 3)

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Discover proven methods for writing your ebook, including the differences between print and electronic media, and "Vital Keys That Can Help Assure an eBook's Success". (chapter 4)

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Strip Away the Mysteries of Pricing Your eBook Including Pre-Launch, Testing, and Life Cycle Pricing Concepts. (chapter 5)

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Learn Proven Marketing Strategies Including the "Key to Unlocking Your eBook's Potential". (chapter 6)

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Unravel the Steps to Publishing Success and Profiting From Your eBook. (chapter 7 and 8)

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Plus, even more chapters devoted to getting your idea moving and creating your ebook, including tips for "writer's Block", creativity, motivation and more.

The eBook Marketing Manifesto bulletpoint Give Yourself a Starting Point and Framework for Your Ongoing Learning, AND Getting You Published and Into Profit-Pulling Mode!!

... And Why Is It So Important Right Now?

The Web Has Changed, And Continues To Change The Way We Interact, Learn, And Do Business, Even While You Read This! And like many people, it seems it is slipping past you, doesn't it?

During Amazon's 2010 Christmas season, for the first time ever, ebooks outsold paper books!! And the trend has not slowed at all.

In fact, 3rd Quarter 2010 US Trade Wholesale Electronic Book Sales approached $120 million according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP). Many of those sales were by small or self-published sources.

The new Publishing and Information Industry is about "Proving Yourself First", then deciding if you even want to talk to the big houses when they approach you. Wouldn't that be fun?

The new phrase is "Taking Advantage of ALL Formats". And believe me, you are about to find out there are a lot more than just Smashwords and Amazon out there.

If You Take Action Now And Learn The Framework...

Wouldn't it be a great time to learn this new trend and a framework from someone who has been in it from the earliest days? Of course...

Wouldn't it feel great to get your idea moving again?

Wouldn't that be a valuable life step? Let's go even deeper...

Wouldn't it feel great to be active in shaping your destiny again after all this time and effort? Kind of recapturing the thrill of seeing and learning new horizons, right?

Now, Isn't It Worth An Evening And The Price Of Gas To Learn The Framework From A Proven Published Author?

I'll even put my money where my mouth is and make this completely risk free for you...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!"

Get the eBook right now (just click the link) and start reading it. If you're not thrilled - ask for your money back.

You have 30 days to decide. As soon as you pay, you will be able to download my product immediately. And in just a matter of hours - yes, hours - you will be ready to put this information to the test. I'm confident that you will be successful with these methods, and I'm confident that once you do, you will come looking for more of my products.

Order any time and you can download your purchase immediately - no waiting.

Create Your Own
Profit-Pulling Powerhouses With

The eBook Marketing Manifesto

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Up Front Warning: I Reserve The Right To Raise These Introductory Prices Any Time I Choose

The choice is yours at this point, and it is a simple one. Invest the price of gas in your dream. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Or, your dream can go back on the shelf... I think you see what this could mean to you.

To YOUR Success,

Your Name

P.S. Writing, Getting Published, And Having A Successful Launch Is Easy, If You Follow This Proven Framework. You can only get closer to your goal by reading it!

P.P.S. Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose with my "No-Risk-No-Questions-Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!"


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